Grief Support for Individual and Groups

Thank you for your interest in the North Perth Community Hospice.

Our Grief Support services are available to individuals whose hearts need help healing from a loss of any kind; recent or long ago.

Children’s grief support services are available through the school or in the office

• supports any child dealing with loss or illness.

• Provides supportive strategies for caregivers (throughout illness and through bereavement)

How to refer:

Call our office or drop by and we’re happy to help you determine the best program to suit your individual needs. If referring a client, you may call with consent from the individual, provide their contact information and we take care of the rest!


Are there fees associated with your services?

No, we are a non-for-profit organization. One stream of our grief supports does ask for a $20 book deposit, but this is returned upon completion of the program when the book is returned!

Does my loss have to be recent?

Simple answer is No. There is no time limit on grief. If your heart is hurting, we encourage you to call. It is not uncommon for individuals to still be hurting from a loss that occurred long ago. You are not alone!

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No. You may self-refer or have someone refer you as we recognize it can be difficult to make that first call.

Does my loved one who died have to have been supported through your palliative services?

No. Although we encourage our services through your loved ones end of life journey, we recognize this isn’t always possible. We are here to help anyone who needs grief support.